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Thomas Michael Kriwat - CEO

Thomas Kriwat is a graduate from the Faculty of Law, University of Heidelberg, Germany. In 2000 he was appointed Managing Director, Reederei Eugen Friederich GmbH and Mercantile Marine Management. Subsequently, in 2006, he took over the responsibility of being the Managing Director for Mercantile Shipping Company PLC as well. It was his brainchild to bring all the different entities under one brand which is Mercmarine Group.

With the vast experience he brings to the organization today, as the CEO of Mercmarine, he has strategized continual expansion and development for the Mercmarine brand.

Capt. Rohan Codipilly - COO

Capt. Codipilly obtained his Masters' FG Certification in 1989 from the Commonwealth of Australia. During his tenure at sea, he gained experience working on a wide range of vessel types.

In 1993 he chose to serve the shipping industry from ashore; first as Crew Manager for Mercantile Shipping Company Limited, for a fleet of 11 multi-purpose vessels, and subsequently in 1996 as Director for Mercantile Marine Management Ltd the newly formed crew management company. Presently he is the CEO for Mercantile Marine Management.

He has an extensive experience in Crew Management and is a representative in IMEC Sri Lanka and a trustee of National Union Seafarers Trust.

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Mercmarine Group Of Companies.

Mercmarine Corporate Office, located in Colombo, Sri Lanka, is the hub of the group of companies that make up Mercmarine.

The group comprises of four sectors Crew Management, Maritime Training, Ship Management and Ship Agency each specializing in specific fields of shipping complementing each other and providing a range of services under a single brand.

All companies within the group function independently. However, the corporate office functions in support of the processes in each business unit, ensuring smooth functioning of each company and thereby the entire group.

Thus, all services provided by Mercmarine are spearheaded by the corporate management through a multitude of management services which includes internal management functions, such as finance, information technology, business planning and development, internal control and corporate communications, for the entire group.

Through periodic reviewing of policies and practices of the different business components of the organization, the corporate management ensures synergy.

The corporate management is headed by the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operations Officer.

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Knowledge. Experience. Profound Commitment.

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Mario De Silva - Chief Officer

"Being with Mercmarine family from the first day of my Maritime training until present, I have progressed steadily in my career and reached my goals, hand in hand with the quality and reliability of a standing pillar of maritime industry in Sri Lanka. Mercmarine has groomed me in so many ways to become the Officer and gentleman that I am today"

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Anca Dobre - Manager Crewing at Peter Döhle Schiffahrts-KG

“We, Peter Döhle Schiffahrts-KG have a fairly long standing cooperation with Merkantile Marine Management Ltd , that started back in 2015 by providing crew for our heavy lift vessels in the first instance, consequently expanding to the other fleets managed by our company. Having said this, over the years a fruitful collaboration has emerged, which led to a Sri Lankan seafarers pool increase fully compliant with our recruitment standards. The office staff of Merkantile Marine Management Ltd delivers efficient solutions, acts promptly and maintains a close contact to the carefully selected seafarers in their management.”
“2020 posed a great challenge for the shipping companies in conducting timely and efficient crew changes due to the worldwide lockdown, which generated a global seafarers supply crisis. Nevertheless, MM office in Colombo proved a reliable and prompt solution provider not only in manning the ships calling this area but also rendering the necessary assistance and excellent services for various commercial projects to Owners and Managers' full satisfaction. We hope to continue our relationship for many years to come.”

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Capt. Karan Kochhar - Head of Manning Office, India

“Mercantile Marine is a trusted and highly recommended service provider for Maersk due to the enduring services always provided by the team despite all odds. Their relentless commitment towards customer satisfaction even during the pandemic is commendable and highly appreciated. We look forward to many more years of successful collaboration with Mercantile Marine.”