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People | Expertise | Commitment

At Mercmarine each crew member is individually identified to meet with our client’s requirements while ensuring all regulations are strictly followed as per the global industry standards.

Our connection with our seafarers is from our hearts, providing them with not only opportunities at sea, but guiding them through their career path to achieve their ambitions, whilst encouraging them to always maintain a proper balance between work and life.

We utilize the latest in people management systems, coordinated by our trained team enables us to provide crewing solutions to suit any request and situation. Our team is constantly trained to stay up to date with the latest technologies and procedures in the maritime trade, ensuring an efficient operation of crew management.

We are always committed to give offer the best service to both our clients and seafarers alike with a smooth and reliable transition everywhere, every time.

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As culturally accepted in Germany, it expected that you train yourself in whichever career path you choose. Staying true to our German heritage, we decided to inculcate this culture in Sri Lanka through the launch of our very own training center back in 1986.

Currently operating in two locations in Sri Lanka, one training center is based near the port city of Galle, adjoining the old Dutch fort and facing the scenic Indian ocean, this facility mainly focusses on pre-sea training for both officer cadets and trainings.

The second training center situated in the heart of Colombo offers a more advance training with state-of-the-art simulators.

All courses are approved by the Sri Lankan authority and other universal regulatory bodies. Our history of ship owning enables a wide knowledge and experience to tailor make our courses to suit our clients' specific needs which stand out from other training modules.

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Comprehensive | Safe | Accountable

Mercmarine is a world leading independent ship management company adopting the latest in technology, innovation and services for worldwide vessel owners.

For over 3 decades since 1986 when we initially embarked on ship management through the management of our very own fleet, we have grown from strength to strength offering ship management services to many and varied ship owners across the globe.

Enriched with our technical knowledge and skills gives us an advantage to handle all ship related to activities in an economical package through proactiveness on our services.

Our ship management services can be scaled to suit any specific needs. Providing you with fully operational, technical and crew management service for a single vessel or an entire fleet, while providing individual services as needed.


Established in 1917, REF GmbH is our steppingstone company within the group with operations based in Bremen, Germany. We have been managing our very own fleet under REF Gmbh which has given us a wide knowledge to manage our client vessels.

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Prompt. Encompassing. Reliable.

Our agency services simplify port call operations in Sri Lanka.

By providing a smooth, comprehensive, and efficient husbandry / agency facilities through our partnered agencies to provide an unmatched service to our clients, addressing individualistic needs at each port of call.

Our services are available at ports Colombo, Galle, Hambantota, Trincomalee and Kankasanturai in Sri Lanka.